The Estate

Cutamilla is an historical natural reserve of 1,200 hectares in area. 

It is available for business meetings and events, 4 wheel-drive treks, social events, product presentations, film shooting, and particularly special wedding festivities. 

The estate offers the same services as a hotel but without being an establishment that is open to the general public. The entrance to the estate from the CM 1101 road is controlled by our security guards 24 hours a day. 

The access to the Palecete (the mansion house) is by a paved private driveway of 3km in length from the main road to the mansion house. The estate offers 14 en suite bedrooms of grand dimensions and an in-house kitchen directed by our very own Chef Mara, Grand Diplome Cordón Bleu de Paris, proprietor of the estate. Many of the food products used in our kitchen are home-grown and personally produced on the estate: wild game, calves reared on our pastures, honey from our beehives, vegetables from our vegetable gardens, walnuts, membrillo (Spanish quince jelly), blackberry and rose-hips preserves, and mushrooms are few to mention.

 Since 1325, Cutamilla has featured in the Royal Inventory of Hunting Grounds (The Official Hunting Journal of King Alfonso XI of Castile). 

The main mansion house, presented in an Art Nouveau style, was constructed in the second half of the 19th Century by the Duke of Pastrana together with a private railway station that allowed important dignitaries from Spanish high society, including Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria, Queen Regent of Spain and King Alfonso XII of Spain, to comfortably visit the estate. 

The spring waters of the estate are classified as Natural Spring Waters for Public Consumption and are being bottled under the trademark “Fontemilla”. These spring-waters, trading as “Font Vella Sigüenza”, are currently the top-selling brand of bottled water in Spain.

Do you want to visit Cutamilla?

Within the grounds of the reserve there are some 25kms of dirt-roads, tracks and routes. Amongst them, there are natural obstacles such as ponds, steep climbs, and other more specialised tests for the most demanding of 4×4 vehicle drivers.

We also have paved roadways for general use, as well as some medium difficulty routes for all terrain vehicles. At Cutamilla you will find routes and treks to match your ability. 

The Statue Gardens

In front of the mansion house, a pond and two forged-iron modernist statues greet visitors. A stone stairway of three flights brings guests through two ascending grass lawn platforms and up to porch and main access to the mansion house. The gardens have a surface area of 200 m2 and are ideal for receiving guests to all kind of events.

Gastronomy/ Fine-Dining

Our chef Mara Onsés, Gran Diplome Cordon Bleu París, is one of the proprietors of the estate.

You will be amazed by her interesting creations in the field of evolved traditional Spanish cooking and haute cuisine. Mara designs the business and wedding menus and also personally delivers her famous cooking classes, “The Cooking Experience”, as a complementary activity at business meetings.


Weddings: For the wedding you have always wanted.

Monte Cutamilla (Mount Cutamilla) has more than a hectare of grass lawns, which can be used for events throughout its different gardens. It is also possible to join and combine various different indoor and outdoor spaces. You will feel at home celebrating your wedding reception on your own grand estate. You will receive your guests at the entrance to the gardens of the mansion house where you will be staying, in the privileged natural landscape and scenery of the estate grounds. Furthermore, Cutamilla allows you to have your nearest and dearest guests stay in its buildings. 14 en suite double rooms can cater for up to 32 guests.

Business Events:

In Cutamilla, we adapt ourselves to the needs of each client so that events unfold exactly as planned and envisaged. The mansion house for the 19th century and its gardens in their entirety can be offered for short-term rentals.

This guarantees maximum privacy and a completely personal service. The main building is distributed in three floors of bedroom spaces over a ground floor with reception rooms. Nine en suite double rooms are available, each decorated tastefully and with personality.