The Statue Gardens

In front of the mansion house, a pond and two forged-iron modernist statues greet visitors. A stone stairway of three flights brings guests through two ascending grass lawn platforms and up to porch and main access to the mansion house. The gardens have a surface area of 200 m2 and are ideal for receiving guests to all kind of events

The Pine Gardens

To the west of the mansion house, and in front of the chapel, we encounter this garden of some 2000m2 with various wonderful examples of the black pine tree. It is a pleasant and impressive space due to the sheer height of the trees that give form to this garden.

The Pomegranate Tree Gardens

Two beautiful Pomegranate trees give name to this garden, to the east of the mansion house. A thicket-lined path crosses the garden where you will encounter a small but very comfortable guesthouse. Farther along this path, upstream along the Henares River Valley, we arrive at the natural springs that serve the estate. To the front, there is a magnificent meadow where heifers and cattle graze.

The Meadows

Crossing the river, in front of the Cutamilla Houses and their gardens, you will encounter an extensive irrigated meadow where limousine cattle and our Arab horses graze. Occasionally, a part of this meadow can be used as a separate parking area with a capacity for 300 cars.