The Settings and Surroundings

On its 1,200 hectares, Cutamilla exhibits landscapes and scenery typical of the south central plateau and foothills of the Iberian System: forests, pastures, meadows and a range of deciduous trees that cross the lands following the course of the River Henares. The historic buildings occupy the centre of the estate. Of note are the mansion house already mentioned, the chapel, the schoolhouse, the Taina (a building of agricultural origins now refurbished as a space for holding meetings), the original cookhouse now transformed into the most modern of kitchen spaces, a shrine from the 17th Century and a pigeon loft. These buildings frame the old gardened park and its tree-lined paths where some original specimens from the original 19th century gardens survive to this day: mulberry trees, pine trees, chestnut trees from the Indias, acacias, banana trees, walnut trees, tilias (lime trees), hundred-year old oak trees…

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