The Palecete (Mansion House) and its rooms

This Art Nouveu style mansion house is accessed from the porch in front of the Statue Gardens. A giant juniper wooden door gives way to a reception hall under the attentive gaze of wild boar, roe deer and stags, trophies from times’ past of hunting expeditions in Cutamilla. Pinewood, juniper wood and marble floors mark the different living spaces.

To the rear, a forged iron staircase connects three floors and the Bodega of the mansion house. All the decoration and furniture is appropriate to the style of the period. The ground floor is made up of three reception rooms of 30, 70 and 50 m2, each with one or two chimney places, as well as two ample restrooms and a kitchen.

The medium sized reception room exits to the garden and the marble courtyard of 250m2, which can be completely covered in the event of rain and which also has two further restrooms and a wood-fired oven.